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5 Bizarre Casinos

5. Deepest Casino

Beginning from this list is the subterranean constructed Desert Cave Hotel. The whole Australian casino is deep underground, dug out from under the rugged wasteland and offering one of the strangest gaming opportunities to its visitors. The casino includes slot machines, lots of retro poker machines and an impressive design. It seems as though it was designed towards thrill-seekers who want to have a classic gambling encounter but one that brings more suspense. This casino can be regarded as the deepest casino location in the world.

4. Prison Casino

Library is a facility commonly included in a prison. However, there is a prison where it actually has a casino inside. It was in the middle of the twentieth century in Nevada, and it has existed for over 3 decades. Prisoners could play various sports in addition to other activities, the inmates at this Nevada correctional institution will play craps, poker, blackjack, and sports betting. Because it reduced the number of injuries as a whole in the prison, the casino has proven very beneficial to both inmates and guards. It was thought at first that it would increase the number of injuries but instead, it dropped significantly.

3. Moving Casino

Of course it is very common to gamble at a land-based casino. However do you know that you can also gamble on your way there in a taxi? This is perhaps the world’s smallest casino as it is a strange casino. The limited area does not, however, preclude it from providing a full casino experience. This casino, which operates in Birmingham, has a dealer and even covers sporting events live so you can enjoy and relax on the way to your destination. The taxi will also take you to the company’s casino for no fare.

2. Wild Casino

We’ve got two more surprises for the fans of bizarre casinos to finish our list. The last casino on it is definitely a winner of this title. You would not expect where it actually is situated. But before you read about that, read about this live casino in Malaysia situated in Asia. It is the world’s famous Genting Highlands Resort. It is a very high way up in the Pahang mountains. Surrounded by wild and exotic vegetation, lies one of the world’s most lavish casinos. Even if you are not a gambler, this place is worth a visit. The panorama itself is adequate to make one’s vacation unforgettable.

1. Coldest Casino

Yes, you read that right. You can gamble and try your luck on the coldest continents known to man. This statement by itself is sufficient to call this casino the strangest. It is a casino center within the heart of the harshest conditions for humans to live in. Nevertheless, you do need entertainment when you’re trying to survive. Thus, a small, modest casino was built in a research station belonging to an Argentinian research team. The casino in Esperanza Base is situated in Hope Bay. Somehow if you decide to have your way to Antartica, make sure to stop by and play a few games at this casino. This concludes the world’s most bizarre casinos list. 

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