5 Hefty Bets in History

You may have seen a bet of hundreds or thousands, but have you wondered if anyone has bet more than half a million? Of course there are, people have made crazy amounts of bets which would even pay them more.  Betting hundreds of thousands of cash in one bet requires that someone either earns millions per month or just straight up mad. So we reckon these five big bets were made from those wealthy gamblers that enjoy the feeling of being lucky. Nevertheless, try to bet big on live casino in Malaysia because you will earn so much more than you have ever made in your life.

7 Digits bets

The bet came from Floyd Mayweather, one of the world’s top paid athletes. He’s a very wealthy high-roller when betting for any sporting matches. The boxing athlete often gambles close to six figure amounts daily on every sport in the world from the world of boxing to tennis and football. One insane bet made by him was a whopping 7 million dollars bet on a basketball team that makes him the first on this list. The bet made him win almost a million more which is over 8 million dollars.  

Filling The Empty Suitcase

William Lee Bergstrom, who is an estate owner became a gambling legend for a pretty insane bet. He decided to go to a casino in Las Vegas with two suitcases. One suitcase was loaded with close to $800,000 in cash and the other has nothing inside. The casino had promised to accept any amount of bet as long as it was a first time visit. Then he placed the entire suit case loaded with money on a single bet and surprisingly beat the house. He simply put all the winnings which is close to $2 million in his empty suitcase and walked out of the casino.

Historical Football Wager

During the world cup events in 2010, an unknown gambler placed the biggest bet in history of football betting. The bet was close to half a million on Germany winning over Spain in the semi-finals. It was looking good when the match stayed a draw when it went to the second half but it was then that Puyol netted a goal in the 70th minute and the Germans did not manage to get a penalty, the bet that could have won close to a million was lost.

Political Bets

2014 was historical for the Scottish as they declined the rights to be free. It was also wired that a bet can be made into political and the country’s decision. An unknown gambler placed a huge bet of a million dollars on a ‘No’ vote and won double of the original bet when the result was announced. He then bet on another political event which is the Election, which was unlucky for him because he lost a quarter of a million dollars when he bet on the wrong party. 

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