Gambling Addictions in Teens

Gambling on online casinos is fun but there’s also a downside to it. The warning signs for online gambling addiction in youth is almost the same as an adult. Just with a little bit of difference here and there. If you suspect, your friend, you kid, or even you yourself, observe the subject and tick off the shown symptoms. If the majority of the warnings are being ticked off, then bad news for you buddy… wagering and betting are not harmless if you make it.

The warning signs:

  • Nothing excites you more than gambling
  • Fall behind on school, social events due to gambling.
  • Someone voicing out that you have a gambling problem.
  • Lying to friends and family about gambling.
  • Do you ever borrow money just to gamble?
  • Selling personal items to gamble
  • Stole from your friends and family to pay off gambling debts
  • Winning money you lost
  • All you think about it gambling
  • Trying to stop but fail miserably

Going through gambling rehab is especially challenging. This is because it’s easy to come back and relapse. Recovering is hard but you should not give up. You have a long way to go, trapping and restricting your life because gambling is not worth it, Gambling should be for fun not making your whole life miserable.

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