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History Of Poker

It’s claimed that the game we know as poker has deep origins that date back almost 1,000 years, spanning many continents and cultures. Many scholars argue that perhaps the beginnings of poker could be linked directly to a domino-card game that was played by a Chinese emperor from the tenth century; some suggest that this is a derivative of the Persia game called “As Nas,” that also stretches back to the sixteenth century.

This same nearest European precursor to Poker was Poque, which caught up in 17th-century France. Poque were both based on the Spanish game primero of the sixteenth century, that incorporated cards distributed to every other player and misleading (or betting big on bad cards) as a main part of a game.

French explorers introduced Poque to their North American colonies, including New Orleans and its immediate city, which became part of the United States due to the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. English speaking settlers in the area transformed Poque to poker and introduced latest game features of five cards for each player and a 52-card pack (by 1834).

From there, poker has spread around the Mississippi River and across the country, thanks in part to its success with riverboat workers bringing goods across that great waterway. During the Civil War, troops of both for the North and South played poker and even in the 1870s and 1880s it became a favorite in Wild West saloons at border settlements. The game first reached europe in 1871, when Queen Victoria heard Great Britain’s U.S. ambassador describe the game to her court officials and asked him for the rules.

The widespread popularity of poker in Europe emerged many decades later, mainly due to the presence of military men after the First World War. Throughout time , different variants also influenced poker players, namely five-card play, seven-card poker and, quite recently, Texas Hold’em, that started to reign in the early 1980s when it became the game included within the World Series of Poker, the Poker World Series.

As such, poker has been known worldwide. Almost every continents and states play poker and the rules has not even been changed a little bit from the early 80’s. This probably has made poker an untouchable game because the game itself has been carefully constructed by taking consideration of chance and emotions of the player. Even now, there are tons of live casino in Malaysia that plays poker.

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