Online Casino Scammer Tactics

1) Partnership bonus  

Invite a friend and you can collect his wins as a bonus for yourself. This will make both of you spend most of the time at an online casino and will make you invite more people which will increase your earnings. The casino owners gain a lot of benefits from this. Casino owners have total control on the platforms to encourage a person to lose more than he or she wins. The higher the amount of money they spend in the casino, the more likely they are to lose. Even if they compete for a small amount of cash, some players will say it is a trick to bet small for a few times before making a big bet to increase your chance of winning. Don’t believe it, it will never work.

2) A specific winning strategy. 

The scammer says he’d created a way at an online casino that guarantees you a winning payout. He will usually persuade you using everything possible such as detailing his mathematical statistics and scientific methods. He will then propose to you to buy this formula for a hefty fee or he will just give it to you. He will then give a specific casino name which he says will only work there. Without you knowing the scammer is already connected to the casino. The casino will then give a percent of what you lose to the scammer and the more people he successfully persuades, the more the scammer will get.

3) By knowing the weak points in the algorithm. 

Another example from the paragraph above. The fraudster claims he has found vulnerable spots in a certain casino’s operation, and is happy to share the details. He then guarantees to you that the casino owners do not know anything about this and will not be able to identify this vulnerability sooner so the players will be able to make a profit. If the scammer is connected to the casino, then bonuses will be given based on your losses, if not he will proceed to sell you the vulnerable spots for an amount of money.

4) Game without investment. 

This one is often used on those who constantly upload their gambling activity on social media. A scammer will approach by saying he does not have much time to gamble and offers you to play at his account without having to put your own money. The scammer will then say it is okay to lose, you will not have to pay but if you win you will get the money. It is completely false. If you lose, the scammer will be angry and demand compensation however when you win, you will be blocked from using the account for some amount of time. Remember to always play on your own account, even though you lose, you will never be blocked by the online casino.

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