Technologies To Bust Cheaters

RFID Chips 

Falsified casino chips are one way that cheaters seek to take fortune to their hands or actually counterfeit the whole house out. But nowadays, the creation of RFID technology, that’s nearly impossible. Most games in land-based casinos include a hidden RFID tag, which transmits unique serial identifiers through frequency waves. Every game table and cashing out counters have receivers confirming transmissions of the ID. Any processor that does not send out a signal does not get cashed. They too were checked in a real scenario of theft. The Bellagio Casino was robbed of 1.5 million chips, but every chip was practically useless after the RFID was turned off and nothing to be earned from it and it can’t be cashed anywhere

Biometric Face Recognition

Your face will be scanned and automatically stored in the database of the casino as soon as you set foot inside. It is within the conventional duty for the safety of the casino to run cameras and to watch over customers but it is now upgraded into basically automatic biometric face recognition. Two types of systems are known: clever and stupid. Both systems will catch the face of everyone, but only the clever systems will still use the information archive stored inside of the casino and many others to locate matches of well-known scammers and cheaters. If a match is present, it will then alert security personnel. 

Angel Eye

Every casino is now using the Angel Eye system. Although the name may make you think that a super enhanced camera is recording everything, in reality it is much easier. The system functions with a single invisible barcode for marking each card. A sensor inside the card handling shoe then reads that code. The sensor tracks the cars as they are distributed for each hand, and then the dealer can activate the system by pressing a button to ensure that no discrepancies exist between the results of the computer and the hand distributed. If there are irregularities, security will be called. In addition, casinos that operate online and live casino in Malaysia are finding new ways to keep their funds safe from harm. These devices do need well-trained technicians and support officers to run and understand them. This is worth remembering that we are far from the future of AI. As such, the security system being implemented may have some flaws that will be given immediate attention to anyone who’s in charge.

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