The Duties Of Casino Dealer

A regular or live casino dealer plays chance games before participating, defines chances and playing procedures, and conducts the game according to the “town” rules. A lot of professional casino dealers are eligible for a variety of table games such as blackjack , roulette, craps, pai gow poker, and baccarat. Good knowledge, excellent arithmetic and monitoring skills are important in this field of work.

Job Description

Casino dealers will be able to comprehend the games they play deeply and extensively. The game laws, as also the minimum and maximum stakes, payouts and side wager guidelines, are included. For relation to the state regulations on casino gambling, the laws can also extend to specific gambling property. One casino, for instance, can allow a boss to play as many blackjack hands as he wants, whereas other hands can only double the amount of hands — and only if a certain wager is repeated.

 A dealer needs to grasp the rules, recognize the odds of winning under different situations, and she must be able to convey the knowledge to casino managers at all levels of expertise. A casino manager often tracks the game to make sure that nobody plays. Some casinos often train dealers to say whether someone has a possible gambling addiction, and then the casino provides them with services to support them.

Education Requirement

Regional selling schools and colleges also provide programs for teaching a range of hospitality and gaming-industry expertise in communities where casino industries are concentrated. They vary from brief technical educational programmes that demonstrate the fundamentals of specific table games up to specialized hotel and casino management degrees. The only experience needed to apply for a position would be at smaller casinos and ‘break-in’ houses where novice dealers have the opportunity to practice their profession, solid math skills and a high school diploma or GED. Casin operators will search for candidates with considerable expertise, excellent intelligence, professionals and even international language abilities that they use to interact with specific clientele in higher-end casinos that have “high-limit” spaces.


Although several casino dealers are based in casinos and poker rooms, several other locations may find employment. It covers cruise ships, casino night party organizing services, fund-raising groups attracting funds by table games and entertainment production agencies that recruit dealers for private parties and other venues.

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