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Top 3 Wealthiest Gamblers

Eager to know who made the biggest fortune out of gambling? Today we ‘re going to talk about the 3 gamblers with the highest net worth and how they managed to be wealthy. Be prepared as you might feel inspired to gamble. Then there is a live casino in Malaysia where it can be fulfilled. So below are the top 3 gamblers who made the most out of their skills.

Bill Benter – The Wealthiest Gambler

Bill Benter is a certified genius born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1957. Since completing a physics degree, he wanted to use his expertise at blackjack tables. However, Benter had been blacklisted from all other Vegas casinos after 7 years of beating the casino inside their own spot. Then, he later developed a software which would aid other gamblers to analyse the results of horseracing, thereby making the first and only technology-assisted gambling activity at that time.  It is now regarded to be the most effective until this day. Benter himself developed the entire program that would produce deliberate analysis using complicated mathematical equations. Bill Benter is expected to gain almost a hundred million annually. His daily income is estimated to be close to 5 million if it is a race day. He is also a significant donor to charities and political parties.

Edward E. Thorp – The Saint of Blackjack

The founder of the card counting technique, Edward E. Thorp was next on the ranking of the wealthy gamblers. He graduated from UCLA with a doctorate in Mathematics and served as a lecturer of mathematics from 1959 to 1977. Thorp then started to use computer simulations to formulate a technique for blackjack. Then he developed card counting systems to increase the chances of other gamblers. He then started to experiment with the equation and it succeeded in several casinos. In 1961, along with his partner, Ed Thorp invented the first portable device and used it almost at every other casino at the roulette and blackjack tables until it was outlawed in 1985. As such, Thorp started using his skills in investments and he succeeded. It is estimated that his wealth is at close to a billion dollars.

Zeljko Ranogajec – Stealthy Wealthy

Raised among Croatian immigrants in Australia, Ranogajec left off his study to try an edge betting career. He began playing blackjack then he was able to profit approximately 7 digits from only several hundred bets using advanced maths and his perfect memory. In the meantime, his tactics have resulted in him being barred from many other Australian casinos. He later turned to bidding on horses and put his abilities to good use. All of these gambling had made him a billionaire though he is incredibly private and the net worth of the gambler is uncertain. He’s known in the 1990’s for a historic win of $7.5 million in Keno. As such, it is predicted that he would have personal fortune above 300 million.

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