Top Horse Races

1. Kentucky Derby

Put on your fancy cloth, wash your sportscar to make it shiny and prepare the cash in the suitcase and make your way to the Kentucky Derby. There are almost two hundred thousands spectators annually gathered at Churchill Downs for this phenomenal race which has been a tradition long since the 18th century. Even though the race took less than 5 minutes which is the fastest being 2 minutes, the race has earned the title of the Greatest Race Under 2 Minute. When the winner crosses the finish line, the horse will often be decorated with hundreds of roses. Getting a seat in front is most likely impossible without millionaire acquaintances or siblings, so you might need to sit with other thousand visitors and if you are lucky, you might see a little bit of the horse galloping through the race.

2. The Preakness Stakes

Since the beginning of the 18th Century, the race already had tremendous changes but several traditions remain. A shiny silver reward will be given which was crafted by Tiffany in the 1860s, while the winner wrapped his horse in a delicate blanket made of the Maryland State Flowers Black-Eyed Susans. Tickets for under a hundred dollars can be purchased but you have to mingle around with all sorts of horse racing enthusiasts. There is even a cheaper ticket which you can access a free beer refill all day and enjoy the activities being held before the race starts

3. Melbourne Cup

Go Down Under for the annual Melbourne Cup Carnival, a tradition that dates back to 1861, considered by many to be the world’s largest horse race of 3,200 metres. The rivalry is high globally, with participants who celebrate in traditional hats at the carnival. In reality, Fashions on the field celebrates the best-dressed men and women of the carnival with famous judges and high quality sponsors. Combining general admission tickets with grandstand tickets, the carnival events on the first Tuesday in November are affordable as well as other races spread over the week. This was also considered to be made into online horse racing however the traditional way is seen much better and produces more income for the company, thus keeping it specific to the state.

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