Why You Should Be A Casino Dealer


Dealers will earn up to a hundred dollars annually. If you want you can work half the total workload in a small casino, but it will just be a wage of over $25 an hour. It’s still a good starting price compared to other beginner jobs.

No Top Education Needed

 All you need will be just two weeks of preparation. In-house training for any vacant dealer positions is usually provided in several casinos. Certain other casinos may include established retailers and/or students of a business school. Learning usually costs $500 to learn how to handle blackjack and a little more to difficult games such as craps and roulettes.


Most casinos are branches of huge businesses and offer tremendous advantages. Insurance services are given with the included bonuses. Many casinos often provide tuition discounts for university courses related to the work. Ask the Department of Human Resources to find out everything that is available if you take the job.

Working Conditions

While many casinos tend to allow smoking, the working practices and compensation of most dealers are outstanding. There is adequate ventilation, decent lighting and a safe atmosphere. Staff restaurants can compete against other nice restaurants, and some establishments because they are beautifully designed to be exclusive to the staff. Dining are often free for the staff, this might be slightly different for those over the top casinos however it will only be a dollar or two for a nice meal.


The income of a dealer is mainly dependent on tips. Within your own casino, dealers can keep their own tips and this will determine how much they earn. The more friendly they work and look after their guests, the more they will earn. Both tips are collected in a split-joint depending on the number of hours worked and distributed to all dealers.

There are several other explanations that a casino dealer career is suitable. It is for those who are going to university and want a part-time or temporary career, or to stay in the job indefinitely. It’s not for everyone, but a lot of people find the work enjoyable and interesting and make a career of it. Regardless of your skills, there are many casino jobs available even in live casino in Malaysia.

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