Why You Should Use 918Kiss

In the nascent period of online gambling, online gambling has always been seen as a risky thing to try out. There was too many things that can go wrong. Your personal data might get exposed, the online gambling platform might be a scam, you might get cheated out of your money, and many more.

But nowadays, online gambling has enjoyed the same level of popularity if not more than it’s offline brethren. The reason is simple. Now, there are many guaranteed platforms for players to enjoy online gambling, with minimal risks.

In Asia, one of the biggest online gambling platforms around is 918Kiss. This platform was first created by SCR888, a very popular online gambling website that hosted tons of casino games.

Over the years, 918Kiss has enjoyed amazing popularity, especially in South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.

So this begs the question, why is 918Kiss so popular? What’s so good about them?

Advantages of 918 Kiss

The answer to this question, is very simple. 918 Kiss offers tons of advantages that makes it more desirable than their competitors.

Let’s have a look at these advantages.


918Kiss is the first truly mobile online gambling platform in our region

Before 918Kiss, online gambling is done in only two ways. Either at seedy, illegal gambling shops, or on your own personal computer. But when 918Kiss rolled around, it changed all that due to one simple fact.

918Kiss was truly mobile. As mentioned above, online gambling was usually done on big and clunky computers. But with 918Kiss, you can gamble on your smartphone!

918Kiss was the first gambling platform who made the shift to mobile, and this move saw their customer base grow exponentially. By allowing their customers to download their platform and use it on their phones, 918Kiss allowed people to play and gamble everywhere and at any time.

Want to play a quick game of poker while on your daily commute? 918Kiss allows you to do that. Feel like playing a few rounds of roulette while on your bed? 918Kiss.

Nowadays, anyone who has even heard of online gambling knows about 918Kiss. This just goes to show that 918Kiss truly changed the game with their mobile availability.

Ease Of Use

Before 918Kiss rolled out, online gambling had a problem. It wasn’t the problem with the authorities, no. It was a problem with attracting new players.

Old online gambling platforms made the mistake of thinking that everyone who wanted to try them out was seasoned gamblers, and will understand how to play the game.

But even if you knew how to play the game, it doesn’t change the fact that gambling online and gambling on the casino is very different. There was a lot of confusion, like how to bet money, how to change amount being bet, and many more.

And this led to even more problems, like fraud and scams associated with online gambling.

But all that changed when 918Kiss came around.

When 918Kiss first started, they made it their main mission to make their platforms easy and convenient for their customers. 918Kiss came with instructions and was nothing but convenient for their users.

In fact, with 918Kiss, you can try out the games first before putting in any real money! Yes, exactly. 918Kiss allows you to play with virtual currency first before deciding to bet real money, so you can get a handle of the game first.

All this allowed 918Kiss to always attract new players, as new players are drawn to the ease of use and instructions that 918Kiss provided.


In the previous entry, I talked about how one of the biggest problems plaguing online gambling in their early days were the fact that there were plenty of scams and frauds happening inside it.

People were getting cheated out of their money, and some even lost their personal data due to the rampant fraud and scams in the online gambling circle.

But with 918Kiss, you don’t have to worry about this. 918Kiss guarantees that your data and your money is completely safe with them.

According to their website, 918Kiss is run by a company that owns all the necessary license and certificates required to run an online gambling platform, and all the software they produce.

918Kiss also encrypts all incoming and outgoing connection with 128bit encryption, meaning that your personal data and your money is as safe as it can be.

This means that 918Kiss is guaranteed to be safe and secure for you, the user.

Large Number Of Games

918Kiss offers a large number of games on their platform.

Another one of the reason that 918Kiss is super popular is because of the sheer amount of games offered in their platform.

918Kiss offers a ton of games, and from different categories too. There are live roulette, live poker, Baccarat, slots, and many more.

Everything from classic games to new modern games are offered on 918Kiss, which ensures that players won’t feel bored of playing on one game only.


So in conclusion, 918Kiss is basically one of the most popular online gambling platforms in Asia for a reason. From it’s security to it’s amazing number of games, you can ensure that you can find something that you would like in 918Kiss.

So if you’re looking to get into online gambling, then try out 918Kiss.

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