Why Youth Gamble

Youth these days are living in an era where not only is gambling acceptable but it is also being heavily advertised. Gambling can be seen in movies like 21 or The Gambler, radio stations, online, you name it, it is practically everywhere. There are also tournaments that professional take part in, in where they walk away with million-dollar prizes.

While gambling is being heavily advertised it is not a shocker that many teens are also taking interest in it. Watching to thrill, anticipation and of course, getting easy and fast cash. It is reported that there are 3 reasons why teens gamble:

  • the thrill
  • the fun
  • the money

According to a research made by the Columbia University of Medical Center, it was found that half of the teenagers’ population in the US has a gambling addiction. The research found that the reason why this occurs is that teenagers are still growing and finding their identity, and gambling just seems so attractive. It also helps that being good at it makes you popular.

Columbia’s research also found that youngsters that gamble at a young age are more likely to be addicted to gambling. A key contribution to such behavior actually comes from the parents themselves. It was found that most parents who gamble, often give their lottery tickets to their children too. This leads to an opening or an introduction to gambling in a child’s life.

It is hard to protect minors on the danger of online gambling with the presence of technology. Online casino sites should also tighten their security such as updating their ID verification system so that minors are not able to lie about their age, thus, helping the curve the number of youngsters who are addicted to gambling.

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